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"If you are looking for a unique, one-of-a kind, functional work of art, you should definitely contact Ron McCloskey. He uses his creativity and carpentry skills to create beautiful charcuterie boards, cutting boards, desks and, in my case, a small table. Not only is Ron’s carpentry work impeccable, he has mastered the use of resin in his designs. Based on my “limited” specifications, Ron created a side table (with a drawer) made of a slab of walnut (from a tree he cut down) and white resin with metal legs. It is gorgeous and quite the conversation piece. Ron is a perfectionist and takes great pride in his work, and it shows. You won’t be disappointed."  

Bev Ludlum

"We asked Ron to design and build a gate for our front porch.  Not an easy task to do because we wanted something that would be easy to open/close and to keep the dogs safe while on the porch.  Our two requests were that it be on wheels for ease of opening and to incorporate 2 different types/shades of the wood on our porch.  He created an incredible gate with everything we requested.  He is amazing.  He is a perfectionist, and it shows in his work.  Also, it was a quick turn-around time and an extremely reasonable price.  I would highly recommend RPM for any custom woodworking needs.  I will definitely using him again in the future!!!"  

Leigh Ducoeur

"I was looking for a nice cutting board or serving tray and came across Ron's work.  I requested a  specific color and design, and it definitely exceeded expectations.  It's beautiful.  Thank you so much, Ron!"  

Heather O'Connor

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